We’ve been in business for nearly four decades. No company – absolutely no company – understands thatch roofing, resort projects and the building up of agencies the way that we do.


How can we make this statement? Since 1979 we have built thatch roofs working with different types of natural thatch materials globally, have developed the biggest range of natural thatch tiles in the world, have patented thatch tiles and have developed a unique range of synthetic custom and palm thatch. We have successfully completed more international thatch projects than any other company in the world and supply thatch tiles and material to every reputable thatch company in the world.


Before you read any further, here’s what you have to know about Fiber Roofing:

  • We manufacture all of our roofing ourselves. We DON’T outsource any of our products because we simply do not trust anybody to supply and live up to our quality standards. This also enables us to manufacture to specifications, to always deliver on time and to constantly adapt to new demands and develop new products. No other company in the world can offer such a wide range of products and services as we do. Our management have been with us since Day 1, have supervised projects and visited many agents and developers in many parts of the world. Our staff works as “family”’ are loyal, have years of experience and are proud at what they are doing. In a country plagued by Unions and strikes we do not have a Union present, have not lost a single day of production and have not have had a resignation in the last 10 years. The 2000 m2 custom build manufacturing facility we have built our self on land owned by us.

Large projects

In 1979 we have built and thatched our first resort for the ATKV near Rustenburg. The project involved chalets and massive roofs to cover indoor swimming pools. Today nearly 40 years later the original roofs are a testament of the quality of workmanship and structural design that set the standards right from the beginning. Since that first project we have completed many resort projects in South Africa, more than 100 houses and an estimated 2000 gazebos.

Nearly 20 years ago we did our first Zoo project in Partnership with an Agent, Safari Thatch & Bamboo in the USA. Since then we have completed projects in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles and many other countries.

Four projects need to be mentioned specially.

  • In 1984 before the first Free Elections in South Africa, Hillary Clinton, the wife of the then USA President, was invited as an observer. She was going to stay at Sun City. We were allowed 44 days to design, construct and thatch a 30 meter high, 2000 square meter thatch roof to serve as a small International Airport. Today this airport building is a monument of that accomplishment.
  • In 2005 at Nelspruit in the Mphumalanga Province near the Kruger National Park we did it again. We designed and built a 7000m2 roof to serve as an international airport. This airport building roof is one of the largest thatch roofs in the world.
  • More than 10 years ago we completed our first large synthetic thatch resort project in the Seychelles. The Fregate Island Resort was re-thatched4 times in the previous 15 years with various natural materials. Today, more than 10 years later, the resort had not spent a dollar further on maintenance. The roofs look as if they were thatched a month ago. A better testament we cannot wish for.
  • More than 20 years ago we completed our first project on the Al Badiah Island for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. Many projects followed. In 2010 after completing a Fiber Synthetic Thatch Project in Ryadh her Royal Highness Princess Nora, on the departure of our workers, came to the hotel where they stayed and gave to each worker as a thank you an amount of cash that left us astounded.                        

We pried our self in our product’s durability, our on-time delivery, installation designs, knowledge of our staff and our ability to deliver a project significantly cheaper than any of our competitors.

Our agency network: 50+ worldwide

Search the web under thatch roofs, gazebos, thatch tiles, synthetic thatch, etc. etc. and you will find that Fiber Roofing is the supplier of thatch material to every leading thatch companies in the world. We do not refer to them as agents but as friends and family. No other manufacturer can lay claim to developing help building so many agents in the world.

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To deliver a unique product on time and on budget anywhere in the world with quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction and to build viable agencies worldwide.

So now that we’ve had a chance to introduce ourselves, we want you to know that we’re always available to answer any questions you may have. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked on thatch roofs before, or if you’re simply unsure about the logistics of a project. Browse through our website. You will find it the most informative website on the web. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us. click here.

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