From its long-standing history in the market, Fiber Roofing has become one of the most respected thatch roofing suppliers in the world; focused on ensuring the right solution for our clients and agents.


The working directors / shareholders have a combined knowledge and expertise in the thatching manufacturing  field comprising 150 years. The premises from which the business operates is owned by Fiber Roofing cc. The staff compliment consists of 49 employees which is made up of: Directors, projects engineer, buyer, receptionist, financial administrator, boilermakers, welders, fitters, drivers, labourers, etc…

What makes us an ideal partner for your next endeavour is that we don’t just manufacture the best quality products, but that we understand the logistics of delivering for big projects. 

We’re NOT a small time manufacturer that sells out of a garage, rent a property to vacate and start tomorrow in new premises under a new name or can never be reached if there is a problem and do not have the financial strength to stand behind their products and warranties.……….. We have been in business for nearly 40 years, have built and own  factory where we operate from, have grown with our customers and agents to become the biggest thatch product manufacturer in the world. We supply to every successful thatch company in the world and have completed with agents and on our own more successful projects in the world than what have been done by all the opposition companies together. Whether your project is small or large, we will always give our best, we will always deliver on time and most importantly…NO EXCUSES!

We understand that if you’re an agent or a project manager, nothing can be worse than promising a delivery date and then having to deal with the embarrassment of explaining why the materials are late or why the quality is substandard. Nothing destroys your reputation more quickly than disappointing your clients by delaying their goals.

This is a concept we take very seriously at Fiber Roofing. We know that YOUR reputation depends directly on OUR ability to deliver on our promises. Working ethically and with integrity is absolutely fundamental to the on-going success of our business because without our agents and clients our company simply wouldn’t exist.

Don’t just take our word for it…Look at our track record. 

Traditional Thatching in South Africa

Fiber Roofing cc  (then known as Redruth Thatching) was founded by Jan and Miriam Grobler in 1976. In the early days, we mostly focused on thatch umbrellas and gazebos, but our reputation for quality grew quickly, and we soon were asked to help with development of thatch resorts and game parks.

By the early 1990s, Jan and Miriam had already grown his thatching company from a small company to a workforce of nearly 200 employees and 1,000 thatch harvesters, constructing over 50,000m² of thatch roof area per year. The company had thatched many game parks and resorts, Caltex service stations next to the freeways, private residences, the Pilansberg and Nelspruit International airport and every year between 200 to 250 gazebos before it ventured abroad. Although we’ve grown at such a rapid pace, our quality has never faltered because we invested time and resources into building some of the best manufacturing processes and internal controls in the industry!

Why did we devote all this effort to maintaining quality and didn’t just get lazy as happens so often with successful manufacturers? We love what we are doing. We have a passion for what we are doing. This same love and passion have been taken up by our staff. Together we work to keep our name and reputation intact. We know that YOUR reputation will depend on it. Quality, on time delivery, keeping to our promises, manufacturing and providing product at the best possible prices, always putting our customers first is why we became one of the biggest thatching and roofing companies in the world. We and our staff are committed to those goals.


International Thatching Division

In 1984 Jan decided to go global. The company developed modular thatch roofs and through a network of agents sold the modular gazebos to end users. The company was initially forced into producing its first Cape Reed Tiles because the then only other company exporting Cape reed tiles were selling at exorbitant prices and told agents that if they sell the modular thatch units he will not supply to them. “We were taught by an agent in Australia how to make a Cape Reed Tile”.  Our first international project was in “partnership” with one of our very first agents, Safari Thatch & Bamboo in the USA. The project involved to thatch the Louisville Zoo in the USA. The project involved shipping 8 x 40ft. containers of material and flying 45 carpenters and thatch craftsmen to the USA. Since then our workers had successfully completed projects in every continent of the world in more than 15 countries. How many companies can claim the above?

By proactively asking our customers for feedback we developed more products to address a wider range of customer needs. With the help of our now-CEO, Danie Vorster (yes, he’s been with the company for a loooooong time) Jan and Miriam created products like our D.I.Y. thatch umbrellas, gazebos in kit form, thatch kiosk, Cape reed ceiling boards, a range of rustic fences, log paving and perfected packing techniques exporting thatch grass, Cape reed and Tanalith – treated rustic timber poles. Our standard Cape reed tiles developed into “Custom” or “Grated’ Cape reed tiles, into a “Large” Cape reed tile, a “Tropical” Cape reed tile and a “Combination” Cape reed tile which we patented.


Synthetic Thatching Division

We have developed our synthetic (highly durable plastic) thatch product line specifically at the request of our customers.  It was not an easy road. Many years of research and investment capital went into the product we have been selling for the last 10 years. Our synthetic thatch is sold under the brand name Fiber Thatch. Fiber Thatch in the beginning only sold imitation reed and grass but again at the request of customers developed a Fiber Palm thatch.

Today, Fiber Roofing with the combined knowledge of its management and staff, its own manufacturing facility and versatility; is the number one thatching company in the world. We’re not just the biggest but the most professional and our quality is simply unparalleled. We guarantee that you will not find higher quality thatching and roofing products anywhere in the world. We know that the only way to stay on the top is to provide the best service and products at the best prices and we are committed to keep on doing that!

So if you’re looking for a “partner” to help you with a project, someone who will care about your projects as much as you do, then give us a call. If you want to become one of our succesfull agents please contact us. Let us show you what the Fiber Roofing family is all about.


Fregate Island Private Seychelles ± 10000 m²
La Digue island Lodge La Digue Island ± 600 m²
Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie La Digue Island ± 4500m²
Crown Beach Resort Cook Islands ± 2300 m²
Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove Mahe Island ± 1200 m²
Sunset Beach Hotel Mahe Island ± 1500 m²
Le Relax Hotels Mahe Island ± 200 m²
Allamanda Retreat Australia ± 250 m²
Indigo Beach Resort Saudi Arabia ± 4600 m²
Kat Project Obhur Saudi Arabia ± 2900 m²
Abdul Latif Jameel House Saudi Arabia ± 2400 m²
Ocean Park Summit Hong Kong ± 1200 m²
Mount Hartman Bay Grenada, West Indies ± 200 m²
Dublin Zoo Ireland ± 600m²
Hanover Zoo Germany ± 2200 m²
Chester Zoo United Kingdom ± 500 m²
Burger Zoo Netherlands ± 300 m²
Quilalea Azura Mozambique ± 240 m²
Paramount Pictures “The Hobbit” New Zealand ± 800 m²
La Reserve Hotel Praslin Island ± 1200 m²
Cap Lazare Mahe Island ± 400 m²
Magic Reeve Bungalows Raratonga ± 1400 m²
Roncari House Puerto Rico ± 800 m²
Harrington House Constantia South Africa ± 540 m²
Ras Recidance Camps Bay South Africa ± 300m²
Business Hunt Botswana ± 250 m²
Montego bay Resort Jamaica ± 2460 m²


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