Our goal at Fiber Roofing is to provide synthetic thatch replacing natural thatch that will give the same insulation (R-values) as natural thatch, will be 100% waterproofed, will not burn with a life expectancy of 50 years plus with no maintenance required in 50 years.

Please study the following:

All synthetic thatch manufactured in the world is only a decorative, artificial layer, seldom more than 25mm (1”) thick. The main aim is to simulate natural thatch. If the final look of a synthetic thatch roof is such that nobody can see the difference between natural and synthetic, the goal has been accomplished!!!

From the above: If the synthetic layer is fireproof, color fast, the material will never break down, the look/appearance does not change in 50 years and to apply is easy and cost effective; you have the perfect roof.

Fiber Thatch will give you that with a 20-year warranty!!!


Even more important is the sub roof.

The complete roofing system must carry a 20-year warranty and a life expectancy of 50 years +.

With the Fiber Thatch roofing system, you are guaranteed!!!

The Fiber Thatch Roofing system

The sub roof/boards

The FR-MO board is a newly developed, to specifications, extensively tested board manufactured for Fiber Roofing. (The board is based on the production technology and formulas of standard MgO boards, but adapted and approved to use in the sub roof applications.)

If Fiber Roofing can, we will never again use shutter boards, marine ply, any timber roof ply boards, never OB boards………………simply because those material will not last 50 years +.

The FR-MO boards with Flexi-seal liquid rubber “water based” will:
• It will hold up to a direct flame of more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. (See pictures below)

• The board is fire resistant, non-combustible, Class A1 certified with 0-flame spread (ASTM E84 test)
• There will be no mold/mildew growth (ASTM D3273 test)
• Water penetration zero (ASTM E331 test)

• All the FR-MO boards are coated with Flexi-seal liquid rubber-based water proofing membrane (Click here to see technical data sheet)
• See superior performance in every category when compared to traditional wood, gypsum and cement-based boards. (Click to open page)
• Complete Technical Data sheets and performance charts (Click to open page)

To summarize: The sub roof system is just as important than the actual Synthetic. Visit our page:

“Fiber Thatch Sub Roofs”

to study our systems, make your choice and Fiber Roofing will extend our “20 year Fiber Thatch Warranty” on the Fiber Synthetic Thatch to cover THE COMPLETE ROOF. With a “20-year warranty”, you will have a 50 year+ maintenance free roof!!!

More Important: The complete Fiber Thatch roofing solution, the FR-MO water proofed boards, stainless steel screws with the Fiber Thatch synthetic Tiles; the complete package will cost you less than any synthetic thatch roof package available in the world!!!