Andrew Peck on his first trip out to Africa was inspired by the circular thatch shelters he saw and built his first Breeze House in the UK in 1996. Since then Breeze House Designs has supplied thousands of thatched buildings into homes and businesses in the UK and abroad, as well as launching Africa Roofing UK which works with numerous Zoo’s, Safari Parks and leisure supplying various thatching products around the world. Now long established as the number one company in the UK for supplying various thatching products, we are delighted to continue to offer for sale the full range of products available from our sister company, Fiber Roofing, no matter how small or large the project is. Working together over the past 22 years means we share an unrivalled expertise in our market place around the world and we look forward to continuing to grow in the years ahead.

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Andrew Peck (Managing Director & Founder Corble Group)

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