Dambaline – CASA AFRICA

Dambaline – Casa Africa

DAMBALINE started in 2006 when the founder Marie-Anne Goubet discovered the concept of the thatch tiles in FIBER ROOFING cc’s at their Fiber factory in Johannesburg.

Traditional thatched roofs or umbrellas have always existed in some parts of France, but the concept of building your own thatched structure with no particular skill, was completely new and innovative and Marie-Anne saw at once the potential of these products.

It took us some years to introduce the product in France and build a partners’ network in more than 20 french regions., Today under CASA AFRICA  the brand Dambaline is the leader in all of France and the North parts of Italy. Dambaline branched out to Rustic fences.

Synthetic tiles (Fiber Thatch) enabled them to move into the commercial market.

We are proud to have been the first company in France, Germany and the Northern parts of Italy  to offer the full range to possibility to private homes, holiday resorts, hotels or leisure parks.

On larger products we work closely togetherwith our sister company Fiber Roofing Roofing. 
Dambaline will grow from strength to strength!!!
Location and Contact details
Marie-Anne Goubet (Owner/Founder)
(33)02 40930003 c
06 09 24 50 c
Dambaline Sarl 3
Bureau Camille Desmoulins 44300 Nantes

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We are proud to be associated………………………

Marie-Anne Goubet founder of Dambaline-Casa-Africa has grown since 2006 when we “partnered” from strenght to strength in France.
Her display at SETT – Europe’s Leading Outdoor Hospitality Show in Montpellier is by far the best.
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