The Fiber Roofing techs spent 10 days on site teaching and installing the Fiber Reed Synthetic thatch with the A.C.G.M.team. Daniel says he was so impressed by A.C.G.M. as everyone was extremely keen to learn, even the top management got onto the roofs to learn how the installation should be done.

As in the photos on the right hand side, it is clear that the A.C.G.M. team are well skilled in the installation of the Fiber Roofing Synthetic thatch. The Completed roof s are beautiful and expertly installed. In Daniels own words “Well Done A.C.G.M.!!!!!”

Update on Bodufinolhu Resort
Some resort owners used the “no occupancy as a result of COVID’19” as an opportunity to replace the old natural palm roofs(Cajun) with Fiber Indian Ocean tiles. While old thatch were stripped, (the ceiling boards were kept in place), the Fiber factory working 24/7 to manufacture and load the containers for shipment.
1. FR-MO fire retarded waterproofed boards were loaded to enable the Maldivian tradesman to make a start.
2. Timber battens are screwed down on top of the old ceiling boards.
3. Joints are sealed. The sub roof now completed. Waterproofed with a 20 year warranty. The FR-MO Boards will stand up to a direct source of heat of 1000 degrees Celsius.
4. The Fiber Ocean tiles are stapled on from the cotton
 (eave) to the top
5. Stainless steel staples supplied is used, a requirement for the 20 year roof warranty. The design of the tiles make it impossible to staple it on wrong.  It is easy and fast, between 3 to 4 chalets a day.
The COVID’19 pandemic can give you the opportunity to do that maintenance that will be impossible to do when the business starts up again. The Fiber COVID’19 package of $52.00 per meter is at an unbeatable price. WEDARE ANY MANUFACTURER TO BEAT THIS PRICE!!! The package includes labor and all the materials delivered on site! Contact us, Danie(CEO) on +27 73 573 8631, David(CFO) on +27 83 380 7177 or Jan Grobler(Chairman) on +27 82 372 7437. Thank you.
Bodufinolhu Beach Resort Maldives
Fiber Roofing has been awarded the contract to re-do the 18,102 square meter, (194,848 square feet) Bodufinolhu Beach resort in the Maldives. On the roofs we will use the “FR-MO waterproof boards” as a sub roof covered with our “Fiber Indian Ocean  Synthetic Tiles”. The 20 year warranty on our tiles will include the FR-MO boards as well. To make sure that everything is covered we supply the 304 Stainless Steel Screws, the 316 stainless Steel U staples and the Flexi-Seal Waterproofing and Fiber Cloth for the joints no charge. The customer is guaranteed a 50 year maintenance free roof and with the FR-MO Boards the fire risk is minimal.
The photos show the first of many containers that will be loaded weekly for the next 2 months. The other photos were taken of the Chalets on the resort being prepared for the boards and synthetic thatch.
Serpa (Spain)
Fiber Roofing is proud to be partnered and associated with the company Serpa in Spain. The photos below is some of the beautiful work done with Fiber Synthetic Palm Tiles. Congratulations to Mr. Luis Muñoz Duato and his team.
There contact telephone number is +34 607 042 333. Please visit there site www.serpasyg.com to see some more

Synthetic Tiles

Fiber Roofing has the ability to manufacture any type and color of synthetic thatch. This picture is of Fiber Thatch tiles against the wall in our extrusion department. The types and colors represents tiles on resorts done from January 2018 – December 2018. Each tiles were made to specification provided by architects, resort owners and developers.

The white tiles demonstrated by the 3 ladies are tiles for a project in Canada on a resort surrounded by snow. The last picture shows an umbrella that has installed the “white” synthetic tile successfully.

Even a Red roof in Hanover Zoo, Germany on the owners request.

(Click to enlarge images)

Como Cocoa Island

At the Como Cocoa Island in the Maldives; The subroof has been cladded and water proofed. A team of Maldivian tradesmen are stapling the Fiber Thatch Indian Ocean Tiles on. The roof was done in the next 6 hours!!!

Inter Continental Hotel & Resort

Fiber Thatch Roofs being done at the new prestigious Inter Continental Resort in New Caledonia:

Fiber Roofing are proud to be associated with Thierry Hardy and his company A.C.G.M SARL building the new Inter Continental Hotel Resort in New Caledonia. Congratulations to the team under Pascal Arright for a job well done!!!

The future of Fiber Roofing

Jan Grobler, the founder member of Fiber Roofing is approaching the big 70. He introduced a succession plan to ensure that all the loyal distributors, customers and the staff are looked after. Jan intends to be around for many years to guide and steer Fiber Roofing to even greater heights as Chairman.


Jan appointed Danie Vorster and David van Staden as Directors to run the company with him. Danie Vorster has been Jan right-hand man for more than 25 years and has been involved in the marketing, sales, manufacturing, management and also the development of every product being manufactured.

David van Staden has been involved behind the scenes for a number of years. He started and trained as a Quantity Surveyor. He was a senior Manager in a number of large corporate companies and worked all over the world on many different projects.

Them becoming directors will ensure that the ship will continue to sail in the same manner it has for the previous 40 years.