Combination Cape Reed Thatch Tile

Combination Cape Reed Thatch Tile
Development history and advantages of the Combination Cape reed tile.
Over the decades Fiber Roofing had spent many hours and large resources on research to improve the longevity of Cape reed tiles and for that matter the longevity of any natural thatch material. An undisputable fact is that the UV rays of the sun in combination with moisture retention are the biggest factors contributing to the breakdown of the natural thatching materials.
Many years ago, while driving back to our factory after another visit to the SABS weathering test facilities, Mr Steve Otto, at that stage our factory manager, randomly asked why don’t we simply put a layer of synthetic thatch on the side exposed to the sun. (At the facility we had received the evaluation on another set of treated Cape Reed tiles, the results we were not what we were hoping for. Contrary to this the on-going Fiber Thatch test results were excellent and way above expectations.)
Back at the factory we involved all our people, the various supervisors and managers of the different production sections, we discussed our end goal and invited everyone’s input. In a relative short period of time, with everyone’s involvement and insets we had the first combination tiles.
The Fiber Combination Cape Reed Tile was born.
The original Combination Tiles were tested and changed and tested and changed again and again. This unique tile was patented and the credit for the brilliant idea belongs to Mr. Steve Otto (since deceased). The tile was finally introduced to the market and Steve’s legacy is alive and doing extremely well in the market.
Today more than 70% of our agents are buying and selling these tiles.
The feedback we are constantly receiving from our agents, more and more the value of these unique tiles is proven every day. There is no better proof than actual case studies. There are instances where standard Cape Reed Tiles have been fitted at the same time as some Combination Fiber/Reed Tiles on projects. Today ten years later the Standard cape reed tiles have been replaced twice already but the Combination Fiber/Reed Tiles are still as perfect and original as the day they were fitted.
The concept and the registered patent are straight forward: Use synthetic material / thatch that is UV resistant to cover and protect the natural material.
Cape reed and all the natural thatching materials have an excellent R-value. In other words: It is nice and cool under a thatch umbrella or any structure covered with thatch while any synthetic covered umbrella or structure is a sauna.
These unique tiles not only give you the same R-value than a natural Cape Reed Tile, the same beautiful natural look so sought after, but the tile will last three times longer than its natural counterpart.
Since the first Combination Cape Reed Tiles we have under the same patent manufactured thousands of Combination Tiles and as we are expanding other synthetic thatch options we will keep on experimenting and expanding our product range.
If you ever want to sell or buy a super natural tile our Combination Tiles are the answer.