Premium DIY Frames with Maximum Structural Integrity

Using our DIY Installation Kits in your next project can provide tremendous value to you in terms of:

  • Faster Installation Times: Our kits are designed for quick and easy to follow installation. If you’re hiring contractors to build out your venue, this means less time needed for them to do their work and budget savings for you.
  • Safer Structures: Our kits are designed for minimal cutting or measuring. We all know that lack of experience with specific structures can cause your contractor to accidentally derail a project through installation mistakes. Our kits were designed to be straightforward to help you or your contractors avoid errors, and build safe, sturdy structures.
  • Unparalleled Aesthetics: Our DIY structures are designed to look unique and customized, even though they come as a kit. Careful design and planning allows the structures to look beautiful and exclusive – as if they were built specifically for your venue.
  • Customizable Options: Our kits help streamline your installation, but they are also customizable for your specific situation. We can even design a custom frame for you as a simple to install DIY Kit.

Over the years, we’ve seen the popularity of these kits increase significantly, as many clients choose DIY gazebo kits to renovate their venue more quickly, and give their premises a consistent look.

Our DIY Kits are the Perfect Solution

The design of our first DIY kits was the direct result of extensive research for ways to improve our customers’ experience. We’ve worked on thousands of projects since we started in the early 90’s, and have developed a keen understanding of the typical requirements for a large scale installation project. Having assembled structures for countless hotel and resort projects all over the world, we’ve experienced firsthand the difficulties faced by facility and hotel managers when it comes to building out their venue and keeping a project on track. There are so many things to consider, from figuring out which structures will create the perfect ambiance, to choosing the best layout, to creating a realistic schedule.

After many discussions, brainstorm meetings, and client conversations, we finally realized that one of the biggest needs on the market was for DIY kits. At first, it may seem counter-intuitive: why would hotels and resorts need do it yourself kits? But we figured out that if we could create easy-to-assemble kits, with all the parts included and ready for installation, we could save you significant amounts of time during the process. Better yet, we could help minimize costly mistakes made by your contractors, and improve structure durability in the long term.

But we took it a step further, we didn’t want to just create structures that were a little easier to install – we wanted to create gazebos and patios that even a non-expert could easily install themselves…No professional training required. If we could design a DIY kit that the average homeowner could safely install in their back yard, then we could save significant time and money for our clients who hire professional contractors to do this same job.

It was a lot of work, but it was worth the effort – we’ve heard great feedback from many of our clients. Through meticulous study of installation techniques, testing, and continuous feedback from our clients, we were able to design some of the most intuitive DIY kits on the market. Add to that high quality materials (like our specially-treated timber, and top of the line thatching reed) and you get a structure that doesn’t just look good, but one that helps you complete your project successfully, and on time.

If you’d like to learn more about our DIY kits, or have specific questions on any specs, give us a call at (+27) 11 903 9204, or fill out the contact form here.

Whatever you need, just let us know.

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