Fiber Roofing’s State of the Art Thatch Factory

More than 20 years ago Fiber Roofing invested in buying land and building a purpose made state of the art factory. We planted roots and if only because of our capital investment will be around in many years to come. We invested in generating and supplying our own electricity, something very important in South Africa. We have on site accommodation for key personnel and have our own catering facility to supply food to our personnel. A display area at the factory is used to demonstrate our products and to train agents and developers. Our factory is located next to the R59 Freeway used to either deliver containers to the inland port of Kazerne in Johannesburg, or on the route to Durban and/or Cape Town. Although we only utilize 5 acres of the industrial land we owe we have another 17 acres of land at our disposal to expand. We are near enough to an area with an unlimited supply of labour residing to employ if and when needed.


When we talk about our factory we have to confer to our staff. Our relations with our staff are excellent. We have no Union in our company, something almost unheard of in South Africa.  The workers see Jan Grobler, our Managing Director, as a father/uncle and have many tines shown their loyalty and support in working almost inhuman long hours to meet deadlines when required. The fact that we have not had a resignation in the last 5 years proves this further. By looking after our staff we retain theirexpertize. They only get better and better! (No wonder Jan Grobler was so pleased and thrilled when his children, after running a successful thatch roof agency for 10 years in Australia, agreed to return to South Africa and take over the reins of the factory). The strength and loyalty of our workforce is what sets Fiber roofing apart from all the other thatching companies in South Africa and his children, realizing this, will look after this unique factory and its workers the way that Jan had done for almost 40 years. This factory and staff provide the best quality thatched roof products available in South Africa. We continuously invest time and resources to conduct research, test various chemical treatments and assembly components and to put our products through rigorous wear-and-tear experiments. We’ve also perfected many of our manufacturing processes and time-tables over the years ensuring on time delivery with enough quality control points to ensure a quality product. Quality is another reason why we do all our work in-house. We prepare the raw materials, extrude, process, assemble, manufacture and package all of our products at the same facility. This doesn’t just give us the ability to maintain the highest quality, but allows us to meet deadlines on urgent shipments – we don’t rely on middlemen and we don’t outsource our process.

In fact:


Because of our management staff staying on site we often over weekends experiment and develop new exciting products. You will often find the management team at the factory on the weekends with our R&D team using our factory as an experimental lab. We have a great deal of fun creating new concepts and taking on custom projects that challenge our team to find creative solutions for our clients. After all, if it wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t have spent the last four decades building this company!

At our facilities you will also find an extensive display area dedicated to training and teaching our agents and distributors during their visits to our factory. They get to see how all of our products are manufactured, and more importantly, they get to see what makes our products better. We often invite resort owners, contractors, architects, quantity surveyors and agents to visit our factory. Together we will develop and try new concepts and teach and show to them new methods and ideas gleaned from other agents.

Again we need to mention our “family of employees”. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Our Company would be nothing without our team. Most of our products are made by hand because automated or machined processes will simply not provide the same type of quality. We work with natural materials which come in different sizes and different dimensions which require an experienced professional to carefully shape them through the various aspects of the manufacturing process to provide that perfect end product.

We also provide our employees with extensive training, and help them learn not just their duties, but all aspects of the manufacturing process. They are all multi skilled.  We believe that if we help someone understand the impact of their work and provide an opportunity for growth, then most people will take responsibility for their actions and will do everything they can to not let their team down.

That’s how we’ve built a family atmosphere in our company, because at the end of the day, everyone benefits…Our employees are happy because they like their work and can be paid more because we make better quality products. For you, our client, it means a top quality product delivered on time.

If you’d like to know more about our factory, we’d be happy to answer any questions you have. But to get a real feel for our atmosphere and company culture, the best thing you could do is visit our facilities. We’ll be glad to show you what makes us different and all the things we do to get you get the most value for your construction budget. Give us a call at (+27) 11 903 9204 or drop us a line here.

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